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We’re so glad you’re here. Can we offer you a little something to eat and drink?
Because we want to tell you the story of Conchita Foods.

It’s 1937. The setting… The tropical province of Pinar del Rio in Cuba – a province well known for its excellent guava crops. Our grandfather, Sixto C. Ferro, along with some of his brothers, had a general store named Hijos de Pio Ferro. Instead of purchasing it from others, they decided to start making their own guava paste to sell at the store. It became an instant hit among the people of Pinar del Rio. At that time, the Great Depression was in full swing, and in rural Cuba, some inexpensive Cuban bread and guava paste (affectionately referred to by Cubans as “Pan con Timba”) went a long way in filling you up when you were hungry. It was comfort food for them. This success led them to establish Industrias Ferro, S.A. and before they knew it, they were selling all kinds of food products packed in their own factory.

Skip a bit ahead to World War II. The United States Government turned to them to assist in providing their troops with food and drinks. With their new factory, they were able to expand their product line and open up new markets, growing to one of the largest food companies in Cuba. Unfortunately, this success came to an end when Fidel Castro’s government overtook the country in 1959 and nationalized our business along with a multitude of others. Our family fled to the United States, and by 1964, Conchita was up and running again from scratch on a far smaller scale. They did the best they could to provide Cubans with the taste of their home.

Fast-forward to today. Conchita’s product line now includes over 150 items. The second and third-generation Ferros have worked hard to ensure Hispanics keep Conchita products in their pantries, using them when they want to feed their family with food that is made with love and the finest ingredients, reminding them of their home country and childhood.

That’s quite a story, huh?

Now that we’ve shared it with you, we invite you to take a look around our new website. Share it with friends and family. Because Conchita’s home is open to all.


Sixto C. Ferro is born


Industrias Ferro, S.A. is created to produce and market Conchita brand products


Conchita starts manufacturing for the US Armed Forces


Conchita continues to grow and becomes one of the leading food brands in Cuba


Cuban government nationalizes Industrias Ferro, S.A.


Sixto C. Ferro begins canning some fruits in Costa Rica and resurrects the Conchita brand


Conchita Foods, Inc. is formed to formalize the business in the United States


The second and third generation Ferros start to expand the product line from what had been just canned fruits and beans to the product line today


The third generation Ferros assume operation of Conchita Foods and are working to continue growing the company

The Real Conchita

Our Great Abuela

Who is Conchita? Why is our company named after her?

Conchita was our Great Abuela! She was a sturdy lady who gave birth to 21 children. It is her comfort cooking (made with lots of love, of course) that kept them well-fed and inspired us to name the company after her.

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